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Coffee Mug Set




A great set to add to you coffee mug collection!!

This mug displays both WRCA and WRCA Foundation Logo 

Ceramic and most important they are dishwasher safe!!!

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  1. UPDATE!

    Posted by Jim Meyer on May 9th 2018

    OK, I've had and used these mugs for a few months now and feel qualified to give an honest review.

    In this age of Political Correctness (PC), one has to choose one's words very carefully... I was about to write that these were mugs with a heft and feel made for manly men but that would likely offend some people and would certainly NOT be inclusive. After all, cowgirls drink coffee too, and only a few of them are manly, and (probably, but who knows for sure?) none of them are men. Oh, and that would exclude the non-manly men. So I won't write that.

    I was then going to write that these mugs were almost perfect for drinking strong coffee or even tea if you'd like. (Me, I like coffee in the morning, but I do like tea in the afternoon. These mugs are great for either. What they should NEVER be used for is a latte', (however that is spelled) or cocoa. Not because they wouldn't handle it, but because of their heft and weight. I'm thinking that someone, (let's take our former President's "Pajama Boy" as an example,) might strain a muscle or something, if they had to sip from these.

    Oh shoot!, There I've done it again, gone an offended another group, I'm sure.

    Well never mind. Forget all of that. These mugs are BIG, and that's a good thing. And the service was great too! ENJOY! ;- )

  2. Great Service!

    Posted by Jim Meyer on Mar 16th 2018

    Hey, what can a guy say about a coffee mug? These are BIG! ... and that's a GOOD thing! Pretty cool looking too!

    The BEST part though was the service! Had them in two days! ;- )